Best Restaurant In Each Idaho County: 2017


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This is the 2017 list of Best Restaurants in Each Idaho County announced September 2017:

Ada County:

(Ada is home to Boise and is the most populated county in Idaho. It gets 5 picks)

State & Lemp

James Beard Award nominated!


Latin flavors, vibrant atmosphere, and the most liquor sales in the state of Idaho.


Saint Lawrence Gridiron

Smoked meats and world class cocktails

Modern Hotel

James Beard Award nominated!


Adams County:

Shy Simon’s Pizza


Bannock County:

Portneuf Valley Brewing

The local brews push them into first.


Bear Lake County:

Cooper’s Kitchen @Montpelier


Benewah County:

Casa de Oro


Bingham County:

Homestead Family Restaurant

Strawberry Rhubarb is one of they many homemade pies that are a great end to the meal.



Blaine County:

Warfield Distillery & Brewery

Modern cuisine on par with any major city in America helps this new Sun Valley/Ketchum establishment power their way to the top!


Boise County:

Trudy’s Kitchen

Huckleberry cheesecake….enough said


Bonner County:  

Baxters On Cedar


Bonneville County:

Krung Thep


Boundary County:



Butte County:

Pickle’s Place


Camas County:

Wrangler Drive-In


Canyon County:

(#2 most populated county in Idaho)

Brick 29 Bistro

Monsoon Asian Grill


Caribou County:

78 Main St Eatery

This pick was slightly west of Caribou County in Lava Hot Springs…..but worth the slight cross into Bannock.  If you have to stay within Caribou go with Gonzalez in Soda Springs.


Cassia County:

Rock City Mercantile

Pizza, Beer,…..Rocks?


Clark County: (population 982!)

Spencer Grill and rv park


Clearwater County:

The Vug


Custer County:

Stanley Baking


Elmore County:


Amazing Singapore style food and bubble tea!


Franklin County:

New York Strip Steakhouse and Deli


Fremont County:

Sweet Peeps Kitchen

Don’t underestimate the goodness that comes out of this small kitchen.


Gem County:

Blue Ribbon Bakery


Gooding County:

Oxbow DIner


Idaho County:

Seasons Restaurant


Jefferson County:

Lil’ Mike’s BBQ

This is maybe the best BBQ in Idaho.


Jerome County:

Cheverria’s Traditional Mexican Meat Market


Kootenai County:

(#3 most populated county in Idaho)


Located in The Couer d’Alene Resort this restaurant is frequently mentioned as one of the best in the Pacific Northwest.

Satay Bistro


Latah County:

Nectar Restaurant and Wine


Lemhi County:

JunkYard Bistro


Lewis County:

Hearthstone restaurant and Bakery


Lincoln County:

Wyant’s Manhattan Café


Madison County:

The Hickory


Minidoka County:

Sofie’s Chatterbox

High quality and great desserts here at Sofie’s.


Nez Perce County:

Zany Graze


Oneida County:

The Pines


Owyhee County:

Idaho Pizza Company

There are many locations of this regional chain. This one is in Homedale, the NW part of the county. .


Payette County:

Salsa Grill


Power County:


Let’s just be honest here in this county of 7,000 people….




Shoshone County:

The Fainting Goat


Teton County:

Forage Bistro and Lounge


Twin Falls County:

Elevation 486

These fantastic views near Shoshone Falls go great with your delicious meal.


Valley County:


A James Beard Award nominated chef here in this McCall hot spot.


Washington County:

Weiser Classic Candy

There are lots of great treat to go with your sandwiches here.


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47 thoughts on “Best Restaurant In Each Idaho County: 2017”

  1. The one year old restuarant—REMINGTON’S AT THE CHIEF—is #1 in Valley County !!! Check it out in Cascade Id.

  2. I guess you had to pick something in Owyhee County, but Idaho Pizza? There are several Mexican places that are far more worthy of mention.

  3. Thank you for the strength of your culinary convictions. Any list would be criticized but as we are hitting every Idaho county next week, this was a great starting point and list for future travels. I mean, you had to know picking Subway over local spots was great clickbait…
    We hope to hit 4 or 5 of these on our trip next week. Again, thanks%)

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  7. The Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill is the best restaurant in Lincoln County. Next time you come through stop in and give it a try! Way better than the Manhattan Cafe.

  8. Elevation 486 in Twin Falls Is good but have you been to Buffalo Cafe? I would say that’s the best restaurant in town.

  9. I think Drifters is the best restaurant in Benewah County. But no one ever takes the time to look past St Maries. Next time try going to the edge of the County to Emida it is still Benewah County and they have the best food.

  10. So glad to see Sweet Peeps in Island Park (Fremont County) as this year’s winner. Greer pours her heart and soul into every fresh, organic, homemade bite! Her coffee and scones are de-lish! She closes for the season in 2 weeks but opens again next spring. See her on the right as you enter Last Chance in Island Park!

  11. Pretty sure Drifter’s in Emida (Benewah Co.) is better than Casa, Wolf Lodge in Kootenai Co. is way better than Beverly’s, and Snake Pit in Shoshone Co. is amazing. 😉

  12. I really wish you would have taken the time to look a little farther than Subway in Power County. There are lots of great local places to eat in American Falls.

  13. Power county has way better places to eat! You saying Subway is the best is an absolute joke! Tres Hermanos has amazing Mexican food, China city is great, and the Willow Bay Cafe is great during the summer. Also if someone takes the time to drive a little further Rupe’s Cafe in Rockland has THE best burgers! (Be advised that Rupe’s is cash only)

  14. Really, Subway?! In American Falls we have two FANTASTIC Mexican restaurants, a Chinese place, a general American food restaurant, and a drive-in with great burgers and ice cream! With all of those, you still picked Subway.

  15. Great to see amazing places such as Sweet Peeps Kitchen in Island Park making the list. I agree with your comment, never underestimate a small kitchen!

  16. There are six or seven restaurants in Power County. Granted, that’s not much of a selection but if you’re writing an article about what’s unique to each county in idaho, surely you can do better than Subway.

    1. Hey JH I’ll reevaluate Power County in the next version but honestly those other places were inconsistent and I could not justify sending my readers there yet. I’ll keep my eye on Power. I went through there again this weekend.

  17. Dude, I don’t want to be rude, but have ever even been to Power County? My DD and SIL moved to TX, OH, NJ, VA, AK, and IN, and they still miss Tres.

  18. What the heck?!?! SUBWAY?! The Subway in Power County is AWFUL!!!!!!!! Have you even BEEN to Power County?


    This is atrocious. The only way you could have picked a worse restaurant in American Falls is if you’d picked Pizza Hut.

    Tres Hermanos. L&Js. Palacios. They’re all awesome restaurants that I’m proud to take friends and family to. The food is amazing, and so is the service, at all three places.



    I have no words.

    Scott, you should be ashamed of yourself, truly.

    1. I don’t mind Blue Ribbon but I wish Tom’s Cabin would have atleast been mentioned since it’s off the beaten path I think it gets ignored.

    2. I would add Cold Mountain Creek. Was that one considered? Blue Ribbon isn’t open for very long.

  19. Bingham and Bonneville have these two, where do I go vote. Also The Fork chicken and waffles on Tuesday night’s in Boise should make this list.

    1. Agreed. Obviously haven’t spent any time in Pocky. Start with Byddys for pizza. Mama Inez for crime cheese enchiladas. The press box for gyros with cottage fries (complete with fry sauce). The Sandpiper for the New York oscar and escargot Tasty freeze for “space burgers” and Elmers for omletes and mamas as (yes Elmers now serves champagne).
      We are very loyal to our long standing family restaurants which is why they are still around. Get off the chain strip of upper Yellowstone and grab some true local flavor from many independent eateries.

  20. So, who decides which restaurant is the best? Have they ever been to Jerome County to eat at Chevarria’s? Did they compare it to Choate’s Family Diner or El Sombrero, both in Jerome or The Snug in Eden? Or even Garibaldi’s? I’m thinking the answer is no.

  21. So glad to see Shy Simon’s made the list for Adams County. It also made Top Ten Best Pizza restaurants in Idaho. We are so lucky to have this gem of a restaurant in tiny Council!

  22. Hudson’s hamburger is still the best tasting and value. 2nd best would be Rogers Ice cream on Sherman and 12th.

    1. Heck I remember eating at Rogers when it was on fourth and Sherman wondered where it went… lol

  23. Beverly’s is far from the best restaurant in Kootenai County. Maybe ten years ago, but there is much more now. Fleur de self in Post Falls. The owner is a James Beard nominee. Midtown Bluebird in Coeur d’ Alene. Even Fire wood fired pizza is better than Bev’s. Satay is good. Would definitely recommend.

  24. The Cellars in Cd’A closed. Next time you’re north try Syringa or Midtown Bluebird. If you are looking for fancy, try Fleur de Sal in Post Falls.

  25. Weiser Classic Candies, has the best luncheon specials, fresh salad and soup in the area, not to mention the candies, and goodies. When traveling I always stop on my way through. Outstanding.

  26. the subway in power county is terrible. If your going to eat go to tres harmonos or L and Js. Affordable and amazing.

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